Lobby Day

Conference attendees have the opportunity on the third day of the conference (March 3, 2020) to go to Capitol Hill to meet with their Members of Congress and staff regarding policy priorities outlined throughout the conference.

Did you miss the AHPC Lobbying 101 Webinar? Access the webinar recording to get practical tips on how to plan your Hill visits, including how to frame your issues, craft your ask, and how to follow-up from back home.

Information for Lobby Day 2020:

Schedule for Lobby Day, Tuesday, March 3, 2020

8:00-9:00 a.m. – Lobby Day Launch Breakfast and Kickoff Remarks by Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) at the Omni, in the Palladian Room

Be sure to get a boost of inspiration and energy before heading to meet with your Members of Congress! Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) will spearhead the conference’s Capitol Hill Anti-Hunger Lobby Day Launch. As a champion of federal nutrition programs on the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Casey will share his keen insights on effective strategies and game-changing legislation for critical nutrition programs that address poverty and hunger in communities across America. A grab-and-go breakfast will be provided.

9:30 a.m–5:30 p.m. Capitol Hill Visits

Tips to Get You Ready to Rock Capitol Hill

Download FRAC’s Tips for Capitol Hill Visits: Arranging Your Visit (pdf).

“This is ‘the big show’ for anyone working to end hunger in America. I’ve been attending for a decade, and I’m still learning something new every time. It’s easy to develop tunnel vision in our work; the policy conference opens up my thinking, and reminds me that I am part of a national movement. It can be frustrating building progress in what feel like regressive times. The policy conference renews my commitment, and reminds me how many others share it.”
JC Dwyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Feeding Texas