Get the App

The 2019 Conference App is Now Live and Updated.

The official National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference app is now live; get it at the app store. Download it on your mobile device’s app store by searching for AHPC or National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference.

If you are using same phone you used in 2017, you may get routed to the conference info for 2017. There’s an easy fix for this.

To select the 2019 version, do the following in the app:

  • Select the app settings icon (the gear) on the top right. This is the settings icon for the app, not the one for your phone.
  • Select “Exit to show list” (you may need to scroll down to find it). This will take you to a page with “Installed Conferences” and “Past Conferences.”
  • Select the 2019 conference (you’ll have to look at the date in small print).
  • Select “download.”
  • The 2019 version should now be the default for when you open the app.

“The National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference allows staff to connect with and learn from the network of anti-hunger organizations nationwide, to promote best practices, share resources and address common challenges to end hunger in our communities.”
Amy Gallant, Advocacy Coordinator, Preble Street Maine Hunger Initiative